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What to Expect from an On-Site Packaging Service

January 31, 2024


On-site packaging services provide optimal solutions to protect and secure your products while streamlining shipping costs and processes. This approach enables companies to access tailor-made services for sensitive, bulky, and voluminous industrial goods without worries.

If you’re new to this, you might wonder whether this solution aligns with your needs. You might also ask what to expect when hiring an on-site service provider in Melbourne for your supplies.

In this article, we’ll discuss some insights into on-site packaging and provide an overview of this innovative service.

Understanding on-site packaging solutions

These services are offered by providers who perform customised packaging tasks on their client’s manufacturing site, supply warehouse, or business facility or environment. These specialised services consider client, product, or industry-specific requirements like how to seal a product container box properly for maximum protection. They are meant to prepare goods for storage, transport, or shipment within Australia or even abroad.

To fulfil customers’ needs efficiently, reliable companies, including Melbourne’s leading packing services provider, typically design and create pre-assembled product containers like a crate, a box, a skid and pallet, or other materials to wrap, secure, protect, store, and ship industrial supplies safely.

What to expect from your on-site packing partner in Australia

While the on-site packaging industry provides a comprehensive solution to your supply packing and shipping challenges, a supplier or client like you plays a vital role in making this happen. Knowing what to expect from your provider is key to maximising the benefits that it’s bringing to your business or brand.

Here are a few things to keep in mind if you’re planning to avail of this type of service:

A thorough evaluation of your packing needs

Industrial products come in different shapes and sizes and thus have various requirements when it comes to containers or bags and how to seal them depending on multiple aspects. If you are availing of this service in Melbourne for the first time, expect your on-site service provider to ask many questions to determine:

  • The size and weight of your merchandise
  • Item classification
  • Physical composition
  • Length of storage
  • Destination
  • Transportation and shipping conditions

Gathering these details enables your service provider to determine the standard and special precautions the items from your shop require and the best type of quality packaging materials for your goods. For instance, knowing the product classification and destination helps them protect your shipments from the elements, including moisture formation and corrosion.

Tailored services to help you pack and ship supplies safely

Ground teams from on-site packaging solutions companies in Melbourne are trained and skilled to provide standard and specialised product packaging services to address your needs and requirements, even the most challenging ones.

So, what does it include? There are several answers to this question, and specific services vary from provider to provider. Below, you’ll find the most in-demand options:

  • Heat, shrink, and plastic wrapping

    This option is useful for retail and wholesale suppliers who want to protect consumable and non-consumable items. Sealing your goods with plastic keeps external contaminants at bay and keeps perishables intact even with frequent handling.

  • Standard and custom crating and design

    Some packaging solutions companies, including ours, design and manufacture customised wooden boxes, cases, bases, and crates to easily store, carry, and load the goods of our supplier clients. After creating these custom boxes, the company will send them to their client’s facility and use them for packing.

  • Wood packaging services

    To protect your valuable products from impact, moisture, and other contaminants, certified on-site product packaging companies will pack your items securely before placing them inside the crate or box.

  • Combination packaging

    Special items need a different approach, including different materials and configurations. In such situations, your chosen on-site service provider will consider variable shipping and handling conditions to create the best protection solution.

  • Packaging with special protection

    Besides safeguarding against moisture and corrosion, some electronics and other sensitive cargo need additional protection. A quality packaging service provider should offer modern packaging solutions, like hard cases, anti-static materials, and special cushioning and lining materials to boost cargo protection.

Professional, streamlined, and comprehensive services

Efficiency is the cornerstone of every company offering on-site service. With supply chain costs rising steadily, every spending counts for wholesale and retail manufacturers. Asking your chosen company in Australia to prepare your items for distribution properly helps reduce your carbon footprint and transport expenditure for both retail and wholesale goods, as most on-site services offer cargo loading for different transport modalities.

  • Regulatory compliance

    Industrial products fall into various categories and have different transport standards to adhere to. Thus, besides offering robust protection, cargo packaging solutions must follow strict regulations set by authorities and industries in places of origin and destination.

  • Pre- and post- packaging activities

    An experienced, certified on-site packaging company will take multiple considerations to determine the best option for your company. Additionally, they’re willing to perform necessary tasks like labelling products or printing warnings and instructions about how best to handle the cargo.

  • A dedicated project manager
    In most cases, you’ll be assigned a project manager who’ll ensure the entire activity goes seamlessly, preventing unnecessary delays, errors, and expenses. You must discuss and coordinate the deadlines with your assigned manager so they can help minimise costs while ensuring customer and end-user satisfaction.

Is on-site packaging from a certified brand right for my company?

Several industries, including healthcare, food and beverages, heavy equipment and machinery, chemicals, and automotive manufacturers, often require special industrial packing services to preserve the integrity of their merchandise before distribution.

However, some items can be extremely difficult to transport from the manufacturing floor to the service provider’s facility, likely because of their size or quantity. In such instances, the only solution is to crate or pack these products on-site before being loaded onto trucks or ships.

As such, getting items packed on the spot provides optimal results if you want to streamline your storage and shipping processes without compromising the quality and integrity of your merchandise.