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Safe Pack builds standard timber packing cases to meet your exact business requirements. Made to order based on your specifications, our standard and custom wooden cases can provide security and safety for your goods while they are in transit.

We’re a timber packaging supplier Melbourne business owners go to, offering a wide range of cost-effective wooden packaging solutions, ranging from fully enclosed timber cases to wooden crates. All our products are export-certified, as we make them with ISPM-15-compliant timber.

Looking for a trusted partner to secure your goods? With Safe Pack, you’re investing in quality-assured, world-class packaging solutions that are ready for global transportation.

Contact us today and secure your goods with superior timber packaging solutions.


Timber is one of the most durable materials around, particularly for storage and packaging purposes. Our timber cases are fully enclosed to secure goods and materials from the weather, external impact, and general negligence, drastically reducing the risk of product damage during transit. You can feel confident your goods are fully protected when shipping to local or overseas customers.

Our wooden cases are made out of ISPM-15 export-certified timber, which ensures the cases don’t harbour pests and other invasive species that may spread to other areas through trade. This means you can use our wooden cases to deliver your goods to export markets without any problems. Our other wooden packaging solutions are also certified to meet export needs.


Full Enclosure

Wooden cases are fully enclosed on all sides, protecting valuable goods and equipment from direct physical damage and the elements. They’re perfect for keeping fragile items such as glassware and sensitive instruments intact, provided sufficient protection during transportation.


Timber can be a strong material for making packaging solutions while costing less in the long term. When made with ISPM-15-certified timber, wooden packaging products have the added benefit of being resistant to wood-eating pests.

Load-Bearing Versatility

Wooden cases can carry a broad range of goods and equipment. It isn’t unusual for our clients to pack something as large as full-sized industrial machinery in our timber cases. Combining them with our other wooden packaging products like timber pallets and shrink wrap helps secure light or heavy items further.


Timber packaging cases can be custom-made to business owners’ needs. Our team at Safe Pack can design them to hold valuable equipment and machinery in place to minimise damage during transportation.


Depending on your specific circumstances, our timber cases are used for one-way consignment. However, the materials can be recycled and used again if necessary.


At Safe Pack, we take the time to understand your exact project requirements to ensure only the best timber case for your transportation needs. Regardless of the size, quantity, or weight you require, we’ll perform a thorough assessment of your packaging specifications and create custom solutions that will get your goods from A to B safely.

Many Melbourne business owners see Safe Pack’s custom wooden cases as the ideal solution for their packaging and storage requirements. Our custom solutions include the following:

Various Load-Bearing Designs

Our custom-made timber cases come in a broad range of sizes and can carry anything with a weight between 50 to 1,000 kg. They’re particularly for light goods and equipment for local or interstate transport, but they can also be ideal for fully protecting your machinery bound for overseas.

Interior Equipment Holders

To prevent equipment from shaking during transport, we can make the custom wooden case’s interior feature various holders depending on the type of equipment to secure. Simply tell us what your custom-made cases will carry and leave the design and construction to our exceptional service team.

Internal Lining

Sometimes, ISPM-15-certified timber may not be enough. For extra protection against moisture, we offer several types of protective lining inside our cases, such as VCI paper construction. We line the inner walls of the case to form an extra layer of waterproofing.

We also have plastic lining, which is similar to paper lining, to ensure maximum protection against the elements during transit. For custom orders, we can also shrink-wrap the product inside the case or crate for added security. This process entails using a heat gun to wrap the plastic around the item.


Dividers are available for both custom-made and standard cases. This feature prevents items from coming into contact with one another during transportation and provides extra structural support. Consider equipping cases with dividers to avoid cross-contamination among your goods.

**Please allow five to seven working days to complete your custom-made timber cases.


We know the importance of meeting the requirements of our business customers. From everyday items to industrial machinery, our experienced team has the tools and talent to build a wide range of standard and custom ISPM-15-compliant timber cases.

Every standard and custom order can be easily loaded and unloaded from our warehouse through a forklift. We then safely transport the order to our various client companies, offering free delivery for those within the Melbourne metropolitan area.

We can deliver the cases in flat pack or kit form, fully assembled for immediate use, or pack your goods or machinery for you. These benefits make our wooden cases some of the most cost-effective wooden packaging products in the industry.


At Safe Pack, we are proud of the quality of our timber packing cases. The extra protection they provide can mean the difference in fulfilling your obligations to your customers. If you need reliable packaging solutions to secure your customers’ orders or move machinery, call us today at 1300 689 768.