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When weight is a concern for transport, plywood boxes and cases are an excellent choice for airfreight as they’re lightweight and can still fully enclose goods and items. These cases are very popular for high-end equipment. When fitted with hardware such as hinges, clasps, and castors, a plywood box can be one of the least expensive timber packaging options available.

At Safe Pack, we make custom plywood cases to precisely meet your needs, whether for ferrying goods or putting them on display at trade shows or similar events.

Consult our sales team to learn more about our diverse wooden box options.


Plywood is a composite material consisting of thin layers (also called “plies”) of wood glued together by industrial-strength resins and laminated as a whole. It’s commonly used as a building material, namely for interior and exterior cladding.

Its application also extends beyond construction into timber packaging. Our plywood boxes offer several logistical benefits.


As it consists of several thin wood veneers held together by glue, plywood is considerably lighter than solid timber. This attribute greatly benefits any business dealing with weight restrictions when transporting goods (e.g., container weight adding to shipping costs).

Impact Resistance

Although plywood is lightweight, it’s also surprisingly resilient against physical impact due to its laminated structure and the bonding agent holding the veneers. While solid wood boxes are still more impact-resistant, plywood boxes provide an impressive strength-to-weight ratio, making them an economically efficient choice for the transportation and delivery of goods.

Corrosion Resistance

Pressure-treated plywood is well-known to be resistant to most chemicals and other corrosive agents (assuming storage conditions aren’t too acidic or alkaline). This works for industrial applications that frequently handle chemicals.

Weather Resistance

With some degree of external protection, a plywood box can be stored outside and withstand various weather conditions. The material’s cross-grain structure prevents it from expanding or contracting too much due to temperature changes, maintaining the box’s perfect size.


Provided it stays clean and dry, a typical plywood box can be used over and over for an exceedingly long time – if not forever. This eliminates the need for purchasing new packaging solutions, helping a business save on packaging expenses.


Adding to savings in business operations is the plywood crate’s cost-effectiveness. Its impressive strength-to-weight ratio, as mentioned earlier, means your business can acquire a resilient packaging solution for a fraction of the price.


ISPM-15 is an internationally recognised standard that sets the guidelines for producing timber to be used for creating boxes and other packaging solutions. Processed wood material, such as plywood, is exempted from complying with this standard.

Nevertheless, we still opt to use ISPM-15-certified timber for the veneers, as the added protection enhances the quality of our wooden plywood boxes. One of these enhancements is better protection from infestation by pests. Without it, the box might inadvertently introduce pests to the destination’s local ecosystem and adversely affect it.

With our plywood boxes and crates, your business can avoid being inconvenienced by delivery delays and other problems caused by substandard packaging. Seamless delivery translates to more satisfied customers and a better image for your brand. We understand this, which is why we prefer to create our packaging solutions with the best materials for the best possible cost.


We build and offer an extensive stock of timber package solutions for businesses in various industries at competitive prices. No matter the complexity or unique nature of your request, we’re committed to transforming your vision into a tangible reality, providing high-quality, customised boxes that seamlessly align with your needs.

Our boxes can be used to store and carry all manner of items and products over a quick distance, such as (but aren’t limited to):

  • Retail goods (e.g., clothes, grocery items)
  • Orders for fast-moving consumer goods
  • Fragile items (with sufficient padding inside the box)
  • Tools and machines of various shapes and sizes
  • Parts and components (with sufficient padding inside the box)
  • Packages and parcels for delivery
  • Other oversized loads

When coupled with our other packaging components like solid wooden pallets and boxes, plywood cases can help with maximising your revenue and improving your image as a reliable brand.


Looking for a square-shaped case? Need a crate with a longer width for your oversized items? Maybe your crates need castor wheels for use in trade shows and exhibitions? We have a wide selection of plywood box sizes in stock to fill basic packaging needs.

But we also know that some business owners require packaging solutions that pre-determined box sizes can’t fill. For this, we offer customization services aimed at delivering a thoroughly tailored experience. Let us know what you need in detail and leave the design and assembly to our experienced team.

Safe Pack can build and finish your wooden box needs according to the height, width, and length of your choosing. For several years, we’ve been providing custom-made plywood cases and crates for many businesses in Australia for competitive prices. That way, you’ll be able to fit your products and ship them to your customers without delay.

**Please allow at least five to seven full working days to complete your order.


Choose Safe Pack as your trusted supplier for custom and standard plywood boxes, and experience seamless order fulfilment from checkout to delivery.

Ready to get started? Contact our team at 1300 689 768 and share the details of your packaging needs. We can accommodate orders from Monday to Friday, 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.