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Common Reasons Why Some Courier Services Don’t Leave Parcels At Your Front Door When You Aren’t Home

March 10, 2023


There’s probably no better feeling than looking forward to a delivery package that you had ordered weeks ago, and it’s finally time for it to arrive at your doorstep.

Be it makeup, gadgets, clothes, kitchen accessories or anything at all, that feeling of excitement of finally receiving your order is just too great.

However, there are times when you might be out somewhere, but you come back home to nothing. The package that you were waiting for so eagerly and impatiently was never delivered! The next thing you know, you are calling the respective courier service to get an update, and they inform you that you weren’t home, which is why they took the parcel back with them.

You might be wondering as to why they did that when they could’ve easily just left your package at your front door, right?

Well, to clear your confusion, here are some common and obvious reasons why some courier services don’t leave parcels at your doorstep when you aren’t home.


One of the main and biggest reasons why courier services don’t leave parcels in your absence is because there’s a huge risk of tampering involved. Any stranger, outsider or even someone from your neighbourhood can easily tamper with your belongings. This means anyone can open your parcel, even damage a few things or throw it away mistakenly.


Similar to the above, this is another grave concern when it comes to package delivery in the homeowners’ absence.

Anyone can steal your pack when you aren’t around, be it an onlooker or someone completely random walking past your home.

Because stealing instances have occurred in the past, courier services have to be very cautious and careful when delivering packages and parcels.


Let’s assume that a courier service does leave the package at a person’s front door in their absence on their insistence and it does get stolen, who’s at fault here? The homeowner or the courier service?

This would eventually escalate into a serious blame game between the person and the delivery service where each would blame the other one.

This greatly highlights the accountability factor because the courier service would then be answerable to the upper management, and this could easily jeopardise their job. So, to avoid any such situation from occurring, courier services don’t prefer making deliveries in your absence.


The main reason why you must be home at the time of delivery is that it allows you to inspect the package and ensure that it’s exactly what you ordered. But more than that, to make sure that it is your order and not anyone else’s with a similar name, for instance.

There are times when orders do get mixed up, and if they are delivered in your absence, you might not get the chance to return it and get the right one.

Courier services have to be very careful when it comes to delivering packages and especially to make sure that the recipient is home at the time of delivery. This saves them a lot of hassle, time and effort, and it also works best in your favour.