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Reasons to opt for express shipping

March 10, 2023


Generally, the term ‘express shipping’ is used for urgent and fast delivery, typically between 24 to 72 hours. Due to quicker delivery, customers typically pay a higher amount for express shipping as compared to standard postal delivery. Air couriers may be used as the quickest way to ship packages. Express deliveries are great for your peace of mind if you want to receive some sensitive documents or life-saving medicines urgently. However, what makes express shipping even better is tracking.

Tracking your deliveries lets you see the most current status of your package anytime, day or night. Courier companies offering express shipping and tracking are seen as more reliable by consumers. With online order tracking, both the person sending and receiving the shopping can track the package easily. If you are a business owner, getting express shipping and tracking can save you a lot of headaches. Here’s why it is worth it to pay extra.



As you will get to monitor all your shipments online, you will not have to keep calling and waiting for anyone on the other side. You can just check the portal of the courier company and read the status of the package. You can then update the status to your customers accordingly.


Most courier companies have elaborate portals for tracking packages and getting frequent updates and estimated delivery time, and whether the package was received by the customer or returned. You will be notified of any delays and can thus communicate to your customers effectively. This can help you retain customers and increase their satisfaction levels.


Keeping customers satisfied is crucial for the success of any business. Especially when dealing with customer complaints, it can make your business lose a customer if you do not respond in time. Handling queries of so many customers can be challenging and require you to hire a whole team. Losing customers costs a lot in the long run but hiring a team for package updates is also costly.

When opting for express shipping, you can just enter the details of the consumer, and they can get texts or emails of their package. The customer will also to able to check the status of their package, thereby reducing the burden on you. Your customer support team can also look at other more urgent complaints instead of package updates.



Express shipping not only lets you track your package in real-time and update your customers but also gives you superior service. If you are selling fragile items or perishable things, such as high-end jewellery or imported cheese, express delivery makes more sense due to the value of your package. You may get the option of insurance so that any transit issues can be taken care of by the courier company. The additional cost of express shipping is worth it because of the costs it saves you in the long run.