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Paying Extra for Packaging – Is it Worth it?

March 10, 2023


In the last few years, business dynamics have drastically changed across the world. With eCommerce booming and more and more people choosing to shop from their homes’ comfort, product packaging is now one of the most critical aspects for businesses.

However, companies worldwide are trying to reduce their costs and minimise expenditures. While businesses can seldom curtail expenses, such as staff salaries, product development, and marketing, packaging cost is one of the few expenses that is always debatable. Most businesses believe that cutting packaging costs is a great way to save money, but we think otherwise. Here is why:


When you save money by opting for cheap packaging, you are not saving per se. With improper packaging, your product has a much higher risk of damage. Not to mention, a damaged product always comes with claims for return and refund.

These claims are an additional cost to any business. After all, the business has to hire services for product collection and set up a protocol for refund, both of which are an added expense for any business. Any business can save all these extra expenditures by choosing the right packaging for their product. With improved protection, there is a high probability that your customers will receive their required product in the right shape.


The first impression is often the last impression, and right packaging plays a significant role in forming that impression. With better packaging, your brand can stand out. And it is an even more critical aspect for eCommerce where your customer’s primary interaction with your brand is through packaging. The better your packaging is, the better your brand image will be.


Perhaps, the quickest and most effective way to lose customers is to give them a bad sales experience. Once a customer receives a damaged product, they will likely choose your competitor next time. Moreover, when customers are not happy, they are the best agents for negative publicity for your brand and product. So with poor packaging, you not only lose business but also lose several potential customers.

But when you pay extra and get the right packaging for your product, it ensures safe delivery and enhanced customer experiences. And with one happy customer, you get the multiplier effect on your sales. You have a satisfied customer who is likely to choose your company next time. With word-out-mouth being an effective marketing medium, you can get several potential customers for your business.


For those who believe paying less for packaging is cost-effective, think it. Paying extra for the right kind of packing is worth every dollar. At Safe Pack, you get impeccable packaging so that your product reaches your customer in a way they deserve. To find out more about our services, contact us now.