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Packaging Supplies

One-stop-shop for all your packaging needs

Every product you ship is critical to your overall success.

Without the proper buffering or protection, you risk your valuable items being broken or damaged; which will only end up costing you more money later down the track.

We take great pride in ensuring quality care is taken at all times, leaving no room for mistakes. Based on the specifications you provide us, our expert team can provide you with a list of supply options available to help maximise protection of your goods.

Safe Pack can assist you with:

  • Heat, shrink and plastic wrapping
  • Labelling and stencilling
  • Foam and tar paper lining
  • Steel & poly strapping to keep items secure
  • Locks, fasteners and hinges
  • Container loading
  • Corrugated board
  • VCI vacuum foil bags
  • Packing tapes
  • Anti-corrosion sprays & silica gel

Sisal Craft Paper

This is a tarpaper construction and is lined to the inner walls of the case in addition to being a form of waterproofing.

Plastic lining

Smiliar to sisal craft lining.


This is used inside the case or crate.

The plastic is formed around the item using a heat gun on the plastic.

It’s commonly used in crates to give that extra protection, seeing as it is open slated.

Ferro Film Bags

These are silver foil bags that are a combination of a base sheet and a bag.

You put the base sheet down, place the item on it, and put the bag over the top.

You then heat-seal the base sheet to the bag and suck out all the air.

This film has an anti-corrosion substance that protects the item from moisture and rust (ideal for electrical components, switchboards, etc.).