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5 Cost-effective Packaging Solutions for Your Business

December 15, 2023


E-commerce has exploded in the last few years, opening doors to small businesses hoping to expand their customer base. Similarly, the demand for packaging and shipping supplies, such as corrugated and plain boxes, plastics, and other budget-friendly options, has increased.

With the numerous options on the market, it can be tempting to choose the cheapest option. But cheap doesn’t mean cost-effective. While you may save on upfront expenses, your post-distribution and shipping costs may take a hit through damaged and returned items.

A truly cost-effective solution allows organisations to simplify their workflows and reduce pre- and post-shipping woes. In most cases, you must find the right partner and your trusted pallet suppliers in Melbourne to make this happen.

This blog explores the best solutions to reduce costs and optimise revenues.

Explore available packaging options

Your main responsibility as a seller is to protect your goods and ensure they arrive safely at your customer’s doorstep. But a well-thought-out and secure presentation can do more. It contributes to customer satisfaction and positive experience, allowing your business to stay on top of consumers’ minds. Attractive wrappings or coverings can likewise boost your brand image.

Below are some must-have packaging supplies and shipping necessities for Melbourne business owners, depending on the type of quality products they wish to sell and ship:

  • Cardboard boxes

    Apparel, take-out food, soaps and other items are often placed in a cardboard box with different levels of thickness and strength.

  • Plastic packaging

    Some sellers would consider food packaging like resealable bags and spouts because of their flexibility. These ideas work well for food and perishable products or small retail items that need oxygen and zero moisture to keep fresh.

  • Resealable foil bags

    Foil bags are likewise great options for small businesses. Consider using one if you’d like your goods to remain odour-free and resistant to temperature changes. Like plastics, foils come in different shapes and sizes and can be coated with special components for protection.

  • Glass

    This material is often used in pharmaceutical, skin and personal care products. However, it’s the costliest solution, as glass is expensive to produce.

  • Sealing tapes

    Plastic and duct tape are often used to seal different materials to secure them further. Alternatively, you can use stickers with your brand logo to turn your package into a marketing tool.

    In some cases, transporting and shipping your products would require additional protection and materials such as:

  • Padded envelopes

    Padded envelopes typically have built-in bubble wraps for protecting and insulating your goods. These pouches work well when shipping thin, fragile items like cosmetic products, books, accessories, etc.

  • Wooden crates, pallets and boxes

    Timber crates, pallets and wooden containers are great alternatives for manufacturing businesses that ship goods in large quantities. Palettes offer great support for items that need to be stacked. They can be used to pack and ship beverages, certain types of food, and other items.

  • Packaging fillers

    Pouches, and plastic bags often come in standard sizes and thus need fillers to minimize and avoid damage. Packing peanuts, bubble wraps, air pillows, cardboard and Styrofoam inserts, and crumpled paper or tissue make great fillers for extra protection.

Fancy, quality products don’t always have to arrive in big packages. If your merchandise isn’t sensitive to friction and impacts or is made of plastic, you can do away with large containers to save packing and shipping costs. These fees depend on the item’s weight and size, so optimising the space in your packaging translates to savings. Skipping fillers can likewise minimise your product packaging and shipping costs.

Consider getting custom packaging supplies

The best packaging for small businesses in Melbourne relies on the types of goods to be shipped. For most companies in Melbourne, finding affordable options means looking at customised options from reliable suppliers. While they may initially sound costly, the return on investment (ROI) makes it a worthwhile business expense.

Customised poly bags and boxes

Poly bags are known for their strength and durability. These supplies are highly customisable to suit your company’s packaging needs. Besides coming in different sizes and thicknesses, they can be manufactured with different sealing options and designs. Most carry a brand’s logo for effective marketing.

Eco-friendly packaging

Sustainability has become a major consideration for consumers, with 86% of persons aged 45 and below willing to pay more for sustainable packaging. Unfortunately, some businesses think that this may cost more than using what’s readily available

Adopting eco-friendly practices entails recycling and upcycling materials, helping ease spending on unique resources. For example, chipboard, made from wood pulp, can be an inexpensive alternative for cardboard boxes.

Multi-function packaging

Your requirements often expand as your business grows. But you can still manage your expenses by getting a multi-functional box that holds and secures different types of merchandise.

Keep your jars, bottles, and other containers in uniform size or request customised packaging with adjustable barriers. You can save money using your multi-purpose materials for a new product line.

Prioritise effective packaging

Low-cost alternatives are almost always the first thing that comes to mind when reducing costs. For instance, some might consider using plain cardboard boxes instead of corrugated ones because they’re cheaper. However, bulky and heavy items can benefit from the latter because of the added protection they provide.

Always consider your retail merchandise’s fragility, weight, and value above all else. Don’t settle for the cheapest option, as it will likely increase the risks of product damages and returns.

Optimise your packaging workflows

We all agree that the time is money in any business. But most fail to consider process inefficiencies in calculating their expenditures.

Cutting packing times means more productivity. To optimise your processes, find out how long it takes you and your staff to pack an item using different steps. One of the simplest ways to reduce your spending is to identify the processes that take the longest and eliminate the associated delays.

For instance, creating personalised handwritten ‘thank you’ notes can be replaced with printouts to save time and manual labour costs. Additionally, placing the right materials within reach eliminates the time wasted rummaging through shelves and drawers.

Find the right Melbourne packaging company

Choosing the right packaging solutions partner can make or break your business. Beyond comparing the rates, looking into the design and customisation options they provide is important.

Striking a good balance between your budget and packaging needs means finding a supplier that offers a wide range of options at an attractive price point. The ideal organisation should be willing to align its offers with your business’ packaging needs.

Finding a great packaging solutions partner means you don’t have to source from multiple suppliers, which drains your time and revenues even further.

Final thoughts

In business, first impressions last. Consumers evaluate your brand by looking at the product packaging. A unique one that reflects your brand sets your business apart from competitors.

Internally, brand presentation covers several aspects of your spending. It’s vital in protecting your goods, dictating your transport and shipping costs, and boosting your branding and marketing efforts.

Optimising your processes and implementing effective packaging solutions is key to easing expenditure. More importantly, picking a supplier that addresses your unique requirements reduces unnecessary costs further.