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Timber Bases

Custom timber bases designed to meet your everyday transportation requirements.

At Safe Pack, we specialise in building timber bases that are customised to meet the demands of your business requirements.

Whether you require a base for smaller items or something as heavy as 20,000 kg, we can deliver the right product to suit your needs.

When you deal with us, you can feel confident you’re getting a highly functional timber product that will protect your valuable items and keep them safe from any potential risk or damage during the shipping process.

Keep in mind that most of our cases and crates come with a standard base for extra buffering and protection.

Key Features & Benefits

Flexible Options

Our custom-built timber bases come in a number of sizes and are ideal for anything weighing from 50kg to 1,000kg.

They offer streamlined access via a forklift for easy loading onto our truck and come with free delivery within the Melbourne metropolitan area.

With so many different variations to choose from, our highly skilled team is always on hand to offer you expert advice and assist you in choosing the best timber base for your needs.

One Way Delivery

Depending on your specific circumstances, our bases are mainly used for one-way consignment, however materials can be recycled and used again if necessary.

Speak to Safe Pack today and see how we can better design something that works for your specific requirements.


If you are looking to save money on protecting your goods, our timber bases offer a cost effective option compared to timber crates or timber cases.

Our team of experts will review your individual packaging needs and help you source the most affordable way to maximise your packing potential - using our timber base varieties.

Four Way Entry

Our superior design features allows for different load capacities as per your requirements, allowing the forklift four-way entry access to the timber base.

We understand better than anyone how to maximize your packaging capacity and aim to help save you money during the delivery process.

Standard product specifications

  • ISPM-15 export certified timber
  • Professional stencilling
  • Forklift entry provision
  • Turnaround time: 3 working days