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Custom Timber Cases for Your Goods

High Quality & Heavy-Duty Timber Boxes Melbourne

Thanks to our years of hands-on knowledge and experience the team at Safe Pack have the ability to keep your goods in the best condition possible while they are being shipped. The heavy-duty nature of our timber boxes makes them the best choice for on-site industrial crating of such items including large machinery.

Custom Timber Cases

Safe Pack builds standard cases to meet your exact business requirements. Made to order, based on the specifications and measurements provided, our custom timber cases can provide security and safety to your goods while they are in transit.

At Safe Pack, we take the time to understand your exact project requirements to ensure only the best timber case is built to meet your transportation needs. Regardless of size, quantity or the weight you require, we’ll perform a thorough assessment of your packaging specifications and create a customised solution that will get your goods from A to B safely. Made from the highest-quality wooden materials our crates & cases are custom-built to suit your purposes.

All of the timber cases we provide for Melbourne customers and beyond are made from high quality timber and are fully enclosed, drastically lowering breakage and damage during the transit and shipping process.

Designed and fabricated from the best materials we accurately build our timber boxes. Melbourne customers can enjoy the unique advantages of our timber boxes including:

Key Features & Benefits:

  • Fully Enclosed & Weather Resistant

    It’s fair to say that timber is one of the most durable materials around, particularly for storage and packaging purposes. Our timber cases are fully enclosed for extra protection from the weather, external impact and general negligence. You can feel confident your goods are fully protected when shipping to customers locally or overseas.
  • Custom Designed Solutions

    Compared to other materials such as plastic, timber is one of the most accessible, cost-effective and durable raw materials going around. Our high-quality timber cases can be made to suit your exact specifications product-by-product, and can hold up to 1000kg.
  • Internal Lining for Extra Protection

    For additional moisture resistance, we offer several types of lining protection inside our cases such as VCI paper construction. This paper is lined to the inner walls of the case and is a form of water proofing the goods.
    We also have plastic lining, which is similar to paper lining to ensure maximum protection against external elements during transit. For custom orders, we can also shrink-wrap the product inside the case or crate, with the plastic formed around the item using a heat gun on the plastic. This is a common method used in crates to give it extra protection - as it’s open slated.
  • Dividers

    Our standard timber cases can also be made with a divider set made inside so products don’t come into contact during transit. This offers complete structural support for your goods and eliminates the issue of cross contamination from occurring.

Standard product specifications:

  • ISPM-15 export certified timber
  • Professional stencilling
  • Custom sizing available
  • Turnaround: 2- 3 days lead times

We know the importance of meeting the needs and requirements of our customers. From small commercial to large industrial items and machinery we have the tools and talent to ensure it gets there safely.

At Safe Pack, we are proud of the quality of our custom timber boxes and timber packing cases. Melbourne businesses and companies who want to secure their valuable items during shipping should call us today on (03) 9794-7656.