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Ply Cases

Low cost Plywood cases suitable for high-end equipment

These timber crates and cases are popular for high-end equipment; and when fitted with hardware such as hinges and clasps, a ply case is one of the best cost-effective options available.

When weight is a concern for transport, a ply case is an excellent choice for airfreight as they are lightweight and still fully enclosed.

Safe Pack provides custom plywood solutions to precisely fit your needs.

We are fully equipped to deliver a range of plywood cases for instant delivery.

Key Features & Benefits:

Impact Resistant

Being a wood based material; Plywood’s laminated structure ensures it can withstand a heavier load and provides good resistance to shrinkage, cracks and prevention from other forms of external damage.


For a low cost packaging alternative, Plywood is an ideal packaging option. 

We manufacture plywood cases in a range of lengths, thicknesses and widths to meet your specific budget requirements.

Customised Solution

Plywood is ideal for transporting anything from tools, fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) and various other items over a quick distance.

Due to their panel finish, ply cases are also ideal for custom products such as foam lining and timber dunnage; as well as for display purposes.

They come with castor wheels for trade shows or exhibitions, upon request.

Corrosion Free

Plywood doesn’t corrode and is a highly versatile material for a range of packaging purposes.

Speak to us today about how our ply cases can best fit your business needs.

Standard product specifications:
  • Customised sizing available
  • Max work load: 50kg to 5,000kg