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Packaging Supplies


Every product you ship is critical to your overall success.

Without the proper buffering or protection, you risk your valuable items being broken or damaged, which will only end up costing you more money later down the track.

We take great pride in ensuring quality care is taken at all times, leaving no room for mistakes. Based on your specifications, our expert team can provide you with a list of supply options available to help maximise the protection of your goods.

Safe Pack provides businesses in Melbourne and outside limits with access to comprehensive packaging supplies:

  • Heat, Shrink and Plastic Wraps

    These packaging solutions add a layer of protection to your goods and can help extend the lifespan of perishable merchandise. They’re effective in guarding your items against environmental damage and contaminants.


    Shrink-wrapping is done by heating the plastic, which enables it to wrap the item tightly. This method is primarily used in wholesale food packaging before these perishable goods are placed inside the crate or case. Safe Pack provides wholesale packaging supplies used in heat, plastic, and shrink wrapping or does the job for you.

  • Corrugated Board and Cardboard Boxes

    Corrugated cartons and boards are another staple in the shipping and packaging industry. These shipping boxes comprise three container sheets, two of which are flat and the rippled middle portion. Their shape makes them rigid, robust and able to withstand impact, making them ideal for shipping heavy and fragile items. Whether you need to transport consumer goods in bulk or ship larger items, you can easily do so from your factory or warehouse to stores.

  • Timber Crates, Pallets and Wooden Boxes

    Some merchandise and consumer items are best shipped using timber crates, pallets and wooden boxes. Depending on several factors, like the level of safety the item needs and the volume and layout of shipment, we can create customised timber crates or provide plywood boxes and pallets in standard measurements.

    We also build standard and bespoke cases that fit your requirements.

  • Bubble Wraps, Air Pillows and Packing Peanuts

    Bubble wraps and air pillows have air-filled packets that protect delicate consumer items. Widely used in packaging several e-commerce items, including glassware, electronics, and beauty products, these inflatable packaging materials play a vital role in ensuring these goods arrive at their recipients’ doorsteps on time and without damage.

    Meanwhile, packing peanuts are available in different shapes and sizes and fill spaces within boxes and containers. They also help minimise item movements and absorb their impact, preventing breakages and keeping goods intact.

  • Packing Tapes

    As one of the leading packaging suppliers in Australia, we have a wide range of packing tapes that come in different materials and classifications, whether rubber, acrylic, hot melt, duct, or strapping tape. Packing tapes help keep boxes secure, preserving the items’ integrity.

  • VCI Vacuum Foil Bags and Ferro Film Bags

    Volatile Corrosion Inhibitors (VCI) packaging protects metal and alloy components against corrosion. They come in many forms, like resealable bags, rolls, and films, and can be integrated with bubble wrapping. Safe Pack can provide our clients with VCI vacuum foil bags to protect and safeguard their shipments.


    These silver foil bags contain VCI that protects the item from moisture and rust, making them ideal for electrical components, switchboards, etc. They’re a combination of a base sheet and a bag. To use, put the base sheet down, place the item on it, and put the bag over the top. Then, use machine sealers to heat and seal the base sheet to the bag and suck out all the air.

  • Anti-corrosion sprays & Silica Gel

    Besides VCI foil and film bags, we sell anti-corrosion sprays to protect metals and alloys from corrosion, humidity, and moisture. For non-metal shipments, like leather goods and medicine bottles, you can use silica gel desiccants to preserve quality and freshness.

  • Paper and Plastic Lining


    Sisal is a natural fibre known for its strength, durability, and resistance to deterioration. It’s used in several industrial applications, including the packaging industry. It provides high levels of protection and waterproofing when lined with the inner walls of the case.


    Like Sisal paper, plastic is a staple in the packaging sector. Plastics are strong, lightweight, and protect and secure packages from water and other elements. Lining your packages with plastic is an environment-friendly option as they require less energy and carbon footprint and can be reused and recycled multiple times.

  • Locks, Fasteners and Hinges
    Hinges, fasteners, and locks come in various sizes and shapes. But these mechanisms have one thing in common: they’re crucial in securing your goods and shipment. We offer a wide assortment of these packaging supplies to ensure your boxes and crates are secure and free from tampering.

    We can also assist you with onsite packaging services that range from any of the following:

    • Heat, Shrink, and Plastic Wrapping
    • Container loading
    • Labelling and Stencilling
    • Foam, Paper, and Plastic Lining
    • Steel and Poly Strapping

Your Comprehensive Packaging Supplies and Services Provider In Melbourne

Safe Pack offers a comprehensive list of packaging supplies Melbourne businesses need and require. We offer a full range of packaging products and solutions, from timber, corrugated, and cardboard boxes, crates, tapes, and lining materials, and combination packaging services using different materials and packaging methods.

We’ve been in the business for over a decade, building our reputation as one of the most reliable logistics service and supplies providers in Melbourne and other parts of the world. Safe Pack provides our valued customers with fast delivery, competitive pricing, and wholesale rates.

Contact us today whether you’re taking a do-it-yourself approach or need professional services to pack and load a wide range of consumer goods and items. Call us at 1300 689 768 for a free measure and quote.