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Heavy Duty Timber Cases and Crates

High quality cases and crates for heavy duty industrial machinery, equipment and bulky goods

Our heavy-duty timber cases and crates are ideal for your heavy-duty items, from the smallest tool die to your larger 15 tonne machines.

Our timber cases are tough and strong enough to hold heavy industrial machinery and are built with super resilience and strength to keep your goods fully protected during transit.

The strong durability of our custom timber cases is ideal if you?re looking for maximum reliability and ease of movement for local and overseas purposes.


Key Features & Benefits:

Enclosed Protection

With fully enclosed features, you can expect your expensive goods to be kept completely safe from all the external elements, not fall out or be tampered with during the transit process.

If you?re looking for the ultimate protection, you can?t go wrong with a customised heavy-duty timber case.

Efficient Storage

Our heavy-duty cases can hold up to 15 tonnes of heavy goods, machinery and industrial equipment; providing maximum storage capacity for all your transportation needs.

It provides a safe option when used in pallet racking.

Our customised timber cases and crates are manufactured to order and can take anywhere between 1-7 days for delivery, depending on the size of your order.

Corrosion Free

Our custom timber crates are a highly resilient option for a range of heavy and bulky transportation.

We use only the highest quality treated timber that provides protection against most bacteria, fungi and insects.

When only the best will do, choose Safe Pack timber cases for your next project.

Moisture Proof

If you?re concerned about protecting your goods from potential water damage, our timber cases and crates are the perfect solution.

With strong cooling and natural ventilation inside, our timber cases and crates will protect your valuable items from unwanted humidity and excess moisture during transit.

You can expect your goods to arrive in perfect condition.

Standard product specifications:
  • ISPM -15 export certified timber
  • Customised sizing available
  • Max work load: 1000kg to 25,000kg